New Blog About Music

Hey guys. So I’ve decided I want to start another blog that’s separate from the one I use to talk about the band. I’ve always been a highly critical person, especially when it comes to music. So I decided the best way for me to talk about certain things in an honest and unrestrictive way would be a blog. It’s a place where I will give my often harsh opinions (remember that it’s just an opinion) on things. You will probably not agree with everything I have to say. You will probably not agree with all of my musical philosophies. I might rip some of your favorite songs, artists, albums, genres, or whatever. I’m not going to hold anything back when talking about how I feel about a topic. Please try not to hate me if I say something you don’t agree with. If it bothers you the much you don’t have to read these.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I’ll talk about the schedule. Every Saturday or Sunday I will give a brief review of a song I’ve been listening to a lot or taken interest in. Or it might be a review of a song I heard that I can’t stand. Other posts will not come in any kind of consistent schedule. If I want to address a certain topic at any given moment I might post it. There probably won’t be much consistency as to when they come out, at least not yet.

So yeah that’s about it. I’m mostly doing this for me, but if you guys want to read it as well you’re more than welcome to. Maybe you’ll get turned onto some new music. You’re also welcome to comment your thoughts on a given topic as well. I may be stubborn in my opinions but I do like hearing other people’s to give me a different perspective. Alright, first song review should be coming out in the next few days.


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